Arcade Exclusive Samurai Shodown V Perfect Coming To West Valley

We are excited to announce that SNK’s SAMURAI SHODOWN V PERFECT is coming to our West Valley location, where it will be found on our exA-Arcadia system to play.

This game was originally meant to be the very last game released to the Neo Geo MVS arcade system but it was cancelled and went unreleased until 2018 when it was included on the Samurai Shodown Collection for consoles.

This arcade release marks the DEFINITIVE version of the game and includes the following exclusive features that you will not find on either the console nor the MVS bootleg floating around out there:

  • Mastered for 4K displays
  • 1-frame of input lag (virtually identical to the CRT tube original)
  • New gameplay balancing, tuned for arcades
  • Restored & uncensored “Overkill” fatalities
  • Blood
  • Select your preferred button layout (MVS original or AES)
  • In-game character banner art by famed Samurai Shodown III artist Shiroh Ohno
  • Completed character storylines & corrected English translation
  • New text fonts
  • Play it on a real arcade cabinet with real controls – just like it was meant to be!

As of this writing, Arcade Galactic West Valley is the ONLY place in Utah where you’ll find this game.

Update 9/29/22: Here’s the game, which is now available in West Valley!