Exclusives & Rarities

Not everything released to arcades receives a console port, for various reasons. Sometimes when a port is done, something can also be lost, whether that's changes to gameplay or completely different controls. 

Most of our games are only found in arcades - we also do NOT use any emulation or "60-in-1" pirate machines. Everything is original, as it is supposed to be.

Note that while several games available on the exA-Arcadia are ports from existing console games, significant changes/additions/edits have been made to the gameplay or content, making these versions unique.

Latest list: June 2022

West Valley

  • Aka & Blue Type-R (exA-Arcadia)
  • Aliens Armageddon ◊
  • Assault*
  • Big Buck Reloaded ◊
  • Breaker's Revenge ♠
  • Bubble Bobble 3* ♠
  • Chase H.Q. 2 ◊ ♠
  • Cosmotrons ◊
  • Cruis'n Blast ◊
  • Dance Dance Revolution Extreme*
  • Galaga Assault ◊
  • Gimmick! EXACTMIX (exA-Arcadia)
  • Hot Racers ◊ ♠
  • Hydra (in a prototype cabinet!) * ♠
  • Jurassic Park (Raw Thrills) ◊
  • Knights of the Round*
  • Maximum Tune 5 ◊
  • Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2 (Arrangement games*)♠
  • Outnumbered
  • Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns (Arcade Edition - Sega) *♠
  • Primal Rage*
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)*
  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection*
  • The Act: An Interactive Comedy * ♠
  • The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ (exA-Arcadia)
  • The Simpsons*
  • The Walking Dead ◊
  • Vritra Hexa (exA-Arcadia)◊♠

Indicates a game that has never received any official console port

*Indicates a game that once received a port, but is not officially available on any current generation home console (PC, PS4/PS5, 3DS/Switch, XB1/XBX)

♠ Indicates the only known instance of this game in Utah


  • Batman (Raw Thrills) ◊
  • Blazing Chrome AC (exA-Arcadia) ♠
  • Chaos Code EXA (exA-Arcadia) ♠
  • Dariusburst Another Chronicle English Ver. B ♠
  • Dragon Saber *♠
  • Family Guy Bowling ◊
  • Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift ◊
  • Gauntlet Dark Legacy*
  • Ghost Squad Evolution*
  • House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn ◊
  • Jurassic Park III ◊ ♠
  • Luigi's Mansion Arcade ◊
  • Nippon Marathon TURBO Hyper Running (exA-Arcadia) ♠
  • NIRIN ◊
  • Pac-Man Battle Royale Tournament Edition ◊ ♠
  • Raiden II*♠
  • Rampage*
  • Step ManiaX
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018)◊
  • Time Crisis 3*

Indicates a game that has never received any official console port.

*Indicates a game that once received a port, but is not officially available on any current generation home console (PC, PS4/PS5, 3DS/Switch, XB1/XBX)

♠ Indicates the only known instance of this game in Utah






Some of Our Rare Games

Some of
Our Rare Games


Status: Only 42 units were ever made
Cost: 2 tokens per credit

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The Act: An Interactive Comedy was developed by the now defunct developer Cecropia who was based out of Massachusetts. They spent six years developing this game as an original game concept which in and of itself was a variation on the ideas put forth in classic arcade titles like Dragon's Lair. The Act gives you much more control over the main character than something like DL did however, as it makes use of a knob controller. By spinning the knob left or right it will change Edgar's actions, the further you go the more intense the action generally becomes. Some of the game involves trial and error to get everything right but the game also provides audio cues to let you know if you are doing something wrong.

In the game you take control of Edgar, a humble window washer who is working with his brother Wally at a hospital. While washing windows, he sees a nurse named Sylvia walk into a room and he has a little fantasy about meeting her in the setting of the classic movie Casablanca. This is where you first get to play.

There are several scenes you can play through: The Casablanca style meeting, getting the boss back into the window, acting as a doctor to sneak into the hospital, checking a lady's heart, getting Sylvia's attention, the Heimlich maneuver (probably the hardest scene in the game), racing through the hallways and the final Sylvia scene.

Overall the game tells a fun and interesting story, without the use of dialogue or a lot of text. Currently our game is equipped with a trackball instead of the knob as the knob device stopped functioning completely. If you come in an play, you can enjoy the game for only 2 tokens a play (50¢).

So what makes The Act rare? The fact that it is a prototype game that was never officially produced for wide distribution. Cecropia got to the point of location testing the game and they were looking into getting the game distributed, but for reasons that were never entirely clear, the game was canceled after testing. When the title was canceled, the company had produced 40 kits where the game could be put into any JAMMA cabinet and two location test cabinets which would have fit into what the final product would have looked like. Out of these 40 kits, only about 10 were sold publicly on eBay, the other 30 going to the members of Cecropia who worked on the game.

We were one of the few lucky ones to grab a kit when it showed up on eBay. We know of only one other arcade to have this, Arcade Odyseey in Miami. The game was once ported to iOS, however it was removed from iTunes after a time, keeping it extremely rare.

Dariusburst Another Chronicle - Ogden

Status: Fairly rare; Only 7 units of this English version were ever produced.
Cost: 1 token= 3 lives. Share lives across 4 players or insert 3 tokens for infinite lives mode.

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At present, we are the only venue in the USA with this game as it is on location test (beta test for arcades). 

This is a space combat shooter, the fifth installment in the Darius series which began in 1986. It is unique from other arcade titles as it uses two 32" LCD screens and a mirror to create a super widescreen image. An incredible sound system lets you feel each and every explosion and also sets the game apart from any home gaming experience. 1-4 players can play co-operatively.

On top of that the game has thousands of levels to play. By picking Chronicle Mode, you must complete objectives to pass a level. As entrie star systems are cleared, it will unlock new content for everyone to enjoy and thanks to the variety, there is plenty of reason to keep coming back to play. An extensive scoring system also allows you to try and show off each week.

Pac-Man Battle Royale Tournament Edition-Ogden

Status: Only two examples known to exist!
Cost: 2 tokens per player

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While Pac-Man Battle Royale has been a staple of bar/arcades since 2011, this improved version of the game is virtually unknown tot he world. Arcade Galactic is the only location in the world (that we know of) where you can play this version of the game in public.

Bandai Namco Amusements America developed this software variation to address issues that the original had, mainly in terms of handling 1-2 players. While the game shines best when played by 4 people at once, people don't always find themselves in a group of friends to play this with. The original version only gave you 1 other Pac-man to compete against, while this version always has a CPU player filling in any empty player spot, guaranteeing a fun time even in single-player mode. 

The 1 other change to this is the scoring system, which is more competitive than before, showing 1st/2nd/3rd/4th placements instead of the other stats that the original game showed.


Status: Still available to purchase, but still very uncommon in the USA; We have the only units in Utah (June 2022), with an exA at both locations!
Cost: Varies per game

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Long time arcade gamers will be familiar with SNK's Neo Geo MVS system, which allowed arcades to feature a huge variety of games released on cartridges. The exA-Arcadia platform is a similar concept, updated for today's market.

Launched to the USA in January 2020, as of March 2021 there are sixteen different games available for the system, with many more on the way. While most of the games are also available on home consoles or PC, their development guidelines require that every ported game must have some unique content on it. This also often requires that games be significantly adjusted so they work & flow better in the fast-paced arcade environment. So far this has meant that the exA versions of games are the "definitive" editions, bringing forth the creator's original vision.

Our cabinet was developed by Fun Company and sports a 4k, low-input lag gaming TV. ExA also works hard to ensure that input lag is as low as possible on all of their games, beating out home console counterparts for superior response times.

As of March 2021, here are the games we have installed in our exA system:

Aka & Blue Type-R by Tanoshimasu. 1 player. This is a bullet hell style game that should please fans of vertically scrolling shoot 'em ups. Has an Arcade (play all stages from beginning to end) and Score Attack (play just 1 stage for points) mode.

Gimmick! EXACT*MIX by Team EXA AM1/Sunsoft. 1-2 players. An HD remake of an obscure, but beloved 2D platformer that was released on the NES in 1992. Includes the original NES graphics, music and controls as an option; Play the story or Time Attack (pick 1 stage to best in time).

The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ by Jae Lee. 1-2 players. A love letter to kung fu movies of the 70s & 80s, you can play as the likeness of one of your martial arts favorites including Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and many more. This is the first 1v1 fighting game released to US arcades in many years.

Vritra Hexa by neotro Inc. 1-2 players. Another shoot 'em up, but a side scroller, you control a dragon who can harness the power-ups from a variety of choices as you battle evil creatures. Features a story and "Caravan" mode; Also features adaptive difficulty that changes how hard the game is based on how you play.

We also have a game called Lightning Knights, which is like Smash TV meets Gauntlet, but it is out of the system at the moment. We can put it back per request or will do so depending on how Aka & Blue does.

The Spectre Files: Deathstalker-WVC

Status: Very rare (Less than 10 units exist)
Cost: 4 tokens

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The Spectre Files: Deathstalker was originally created as a laserdisc game circa 1984/85 by Brian F. Colin. Midway had been working on some concepts with the new technology and gave Brian the greenlight to create this Choose Your Own Adventure mystery/horror game.

Brian himself acted as director, hiring a number of actors and filming in an abandoned hospital on the northern side of Chicago during an extremely cold February (you can see the breath of many actors in various scenes). Brian himself also acted in the roles of several creatures that you encounter.

The game was 99% complete when the bottom fell out of the laserdisc arcade market, so Midway shelved it. Brian then started work on his next idea - Rampage, which became a huge success for the company. 

Back in 2017, Brian saw how much interest there was in classic/retro games and remembered that he still had all of the materials and footage from the game in storage. Working with Galloping Ghost Productions, he digitally remastered the old film and built up a new codebase. The game was released in very limited quantities through Galloping Ghost in 2019, and the software was then released to Steam in 2020. While GGP had hoped to produce 50 units, we are not aware of any others that were sold after we purchased ours - and we were #4 of 10 special editions. Even though you can get the game on Steam, come and play it the way it was meant to be - in an arcade cabinet!


Status: Still available to purchase, but under 50 units are known to exist
Cost: 1 token per player

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Ever heard or played Atari's Gravitar? What if that was a multiplayer game? That's essentially Cosmotrons.

Since Gravitar is a little bit obscure, think Asteroids but you have gravity to worry about and landscapes to crash into. The game comes with various options - Free-for-all (destroy all your opponents); Team Play; Beat The Boss (3 vs. 1); and Single Player (shoot the targets). The game comes with a number of arenas and even has an exciting race mode to play at the end of a round. You also have various ships with different abilities to try, making this one packed with things to do. 

Cosmotrons was developed by a middle school teacher & his friend in Wisconsin who wanted to have an arcade machine in his house, but something unique. The game is still for sale, but during the pandemic it's tough to sell a multi-thousand dollar game in any instance. Two models of the game exist, the Delux-O-Tron and the Woody; The model we have is the latter.

HYDRA (Atari Games)-WVC

Status: 200 upright dedicated units produced; Ours is a PROTOTYPE cabinet
Cost: 1 token to enjoy

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Here's something special - a prototype unit that was in the possession of the original game's creator until he sold it to us. Listed as "PROTO #3" on the back with a date of May 1990; The game reached production in June of '90. While the game did receive some ports, most were to alt-PCs like the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, not the IBM PC line nor Nintendo or Sega consoles. It did receive a pretty good Atari Lynx port but has otherwise been forgotten.

Hydra also isn't well-known in part because the arcade version is quite rare (only 200 dedicated units were made...201 with our prototype) and under 850 game conversion kits.

The game itself is like Atari's RoadBlasters but you are driving a watercraft with massive firepower instead of a car. Your craft can also launch into the air! You must collect fuel gems to keep going while blasting bad guys and collecting bags of money on the way to your destination. Control the action using the yoke controller and the foot pedal. 

Designed by Dennis Harper (Return of the Jedi, Toobin', Primal Rage, among others), this game has been located in his garage since it was produced in 1990, so this marks the first time it's been playable in a real arcade. He even was kind enough to sign the inside of the game and he was the owner of the other game we grabbed from him, Toobin'!

Toobin' (Atari Games) - WVC

Status: 1500 units produced in 1988. Ours is production unit #2!

Cost: 1 token

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Toobin' is one of the most unique video games designed in the 1980's, putting the player into the role of an inner tubing racer. Designed for 1-2 players, you race against a rival, paddling down river while hitting score posts and avoiding obstacles. 

Our Toobin' cabinet came to us from the designer of the game, Dennis Harper. He was kind enough to sign the inside of the cabinet as well. As #2 off of the production line, this machine was in his basement for all these years and is now available to play at Arcade Galactic

Hot Racers-WVC

Status: Uncommon
Cost: 2 tokens to start

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This isn't the rarest game we have on hand, but it still isn't commonly seen among other arcades out there. As of March 2021, we are the only place in Utah (that I am aware of) that has the game.

Hot Racers falls into a class of game known as "kid-tainment" - something made especially for children. If a child can walk, they can pretty much enjoy this one - all they have to do is control the steering. There are no gas pedals or buttons to manage. Collect the fruit as you drive across 4 fun-themed tracks, and battle a boss character at the end by picking up rocket power-ups. Each course also has speed boosts and ramps to make things extra fun!

ReRave Plus - Ogden

Status: 50~75 units produced
Cost: 2 tokens

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We have long supported indie game developers, with ReRave by Step Revolution being one of the first we got behind. Developed by Kyle Ward (creator of the In The Groove games), this rhythm game took the genre into a slightly different direction, where you play the game on a giant touchscreen using your hands instead of stomping arrows with your feet.

While the exact production numbers were never released, back when the Step Revolution website tracked locations, they only ever listed 52 units installed into locations out there. There could always be more, but unfortunately indie games do tend to have a challenge in getting noticed for locations to buy. 

Coming with a plethora of songs, there's a little something for everyone here, although admittedly none of the songs are big label mainstream titles. Songs either have 3 or 4 levels of difficulty to challenge people, and there are a number of notes you can touch that keeps things interesting. 

ReRave Plus is an upgrade to the original game that added narration, more songs, improved graphics and a few other changes. Unfortunately it removed the 2-player mode...otherwise it's the better game than the original. 


Status: 50-200 total units produced?
Cost: 2 tokens to start, 1 to continue

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While not as rare as The Act, Chase HQ2 by Taito is still one game that not many venues have to offer - in fact we were informed by Aurcade.com that we are the only known location in the USA to have this game. Released in 2007 with little hype and by a company whose arcade presence has waned in the US over the years, many locations looked over this in favor of other titles. We are glad to have it however as it is a unique kind of game that sets itself apart by focusing on chasing enemies down instead of racing against them. 

As such, there is a lot of things to destroy in the game, by running over objects like cones, benches, barriers, etc. you get a higher score and you also get to smash repeatedly into the criminal who you are chasing. Use the nitro to catch up and score some big hits, find and use secret paths to get ahead of your opponent and more. If there is one thing we could criticise about the game is that there are only five levels of play but at the very least they made them a lot of fun.


Status: 800 units produced in 1980. Fewer have survived 40 years later
Cost: 1 token

(March 2021 - Working on fixing the power supply)

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While this next game isn't exclusive to arcades, finding the game in it's cocktail arcade form is a rare event in a modern venue and even uncommon amongst collectors. In Warlords by Atari, the concept is fairly simple - defend your castle against the moving fireball and eliminate the other three castles on the screen. You defend your castle by moving the shield with one of the knob controllers. The game plays like an advanced multiplayer version of Breakout. 

It may not look like much by today's standards but the game is a lot of fun to play. It is best played with four people - see which of your friends can dominate!

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