Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards For Sale!

Every time you play Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, you earn a card. At only 5 tokens to play, we offer the best deal in town to play this arcade exclusive game (YES it is very different from the home version). With 60 of them in total, that’s a lot of play but we have another option – you can now just purchase one of the cards right out [West Valley location only as of July 2022]

There are three types of rarities – Common, Rare, and Unique. Pricing for each is as follows:

  • COMMON: 75¢ or trade in 3 tokens
  • RARE: $1.25 or trade in 5 tokens
  • UNIQUE: $2 or trade in 8 tokens

Also stay tuned as later this year as Raw Thrills will also be launching Series 2 cards!