Asteroids Recharged Now Testing In Utah

Arcade Galactic is excited to announce that we are the first and exclusive test location for a brand new Atari arcade game! You might remember that when we opened and for several years afterwards, we had an Asteroids Deluxe. Now, we are testing out Asteroids Recharged by Atari and Alan-1 Inc.

The Asteroids Recharged arcade game is based upon the home console title of the same name. However, many changes are being made to the arcade version, many of which will be implemented during the test period. YOU can also help shape the game that it will become, by coming in and giving it a play, then sharing your feedback.

If you’ve never heard of Asteroids, then you might be younger. That’s ok! Asteroids is the best selling arcade title ever produced by Atari. Released at the very end of 1979, it became a cultural gaming icon in the 1980s.

The Asteroids Recharged Cabinet

The cabinet we have is the 3-player version, which comes with a 55″ monitor. The game uses the same control layout as the original Asteroids (Left/Right rotate; Hyperspace; Thrust; Fire), but with LED lit buttons. The game also features wind & rumble effects and there’s a pinball knocker that hits the cabinet when certain events take place.

How Long Is It Going To Be At Arcade Galactic?

Asteroids Recharged will be in the testing phase from now until June. We encourage repeat play as well, since the game will see software updates that changes up how the game works. It would be very helpful to hear feedback on whether or not those changes are good or bad.

It is also worth noting that this game was built right here in Utah by a local company, Alan-1. They are made up of retro gaming enthusiasts, who truly enjoy gaming as it existed in the 1980s. They have more on the docket for arcade gaming, so be sure to stay tuned!

Where can I find you guys?

Arcade Galactic is located inside of the Valley Fair Shopping Center on the north end of the mall. We are fairly close to where Ulta and JCPenny are located. You will usually hear us before you see us. To find the mall, it is located in the heart of West Valley City, right across from City Hall on 3500 S. and 2700 W. You can also reach it via I-215 at the 3500 S. West exit.