Visit Arcade Galactic In VR Via Arcade Legend VR

Perhaps you’ve visited us in the real-world, or you haven’t had the chance to as our location is no where near where you live. Now, thanks to the Meta Quest 2 game, Arcade Legend VR, you can visit our new virtual location and play some unique indie games in the process!

What is Arcade Legend VR?

Build and manage your own arcade in Arcade Legend. Play officially licensed arcade games with friends in VR and win tickets and prizes. Check out the latest trailer to see the game’s recent updates including bowling, licensed DLC featuring the Big Bass Wheel, and Skee-Ball Extreme.

The Arcade Legend VR Retro Update

As of today, March 7th, Arcade Legend VR released the “Retro Update,” which includes the aforementioned addition of the Arcade Galactic venue to the game. Think of this as a second venue – it is not a 1:1 recreation of our existing site. Due to the nature of game licensing, it can’t feature all of the Namco, Sega, Taito, Raw Thrills games that we have, however, it carries with it the same spirit that we strive for in our physical location.

What Games Can I Play?

The current line-up features titles that have been licensed from the Pico8 platform. These are retro in style and gameplay, feeling just like a game would from the ’80s. In this sense, the virtual venue for Arcade Galactic is like an expanded “Classic Corner” that we have, where you can find and play games that came from a different era. We have often and still operate “indie” arcade games, along with super-rare retro games. The VR version encapsulates that vibe, where the focus is on fun while gaming instead of all on tickets and prizes.

How Does It Work?

Consult this handy quick guide on how to use the joystick controls that you come across within the virtual world. It’s pretty easy and is the next best thing to handling physical ones!

Want to learn more? Check out the Arcade Legend VR website.

You can also follow them on X/Twitter, where they post frequent updates.