Easter 2024 Update

As an FYI to anyone who might be in town or wanting to visit us on Easter Sunday, the Valley Fair Shopping Center is CLOSED for that day, which means that all indoor tenants are closed too. We are open today (Saturday, March 30th) and for April Fools on Monday, so stop by then!

We also have some exciting developments going into April. While this is usually a slow month for our business, we will have at least three new games showing up during the month.


If you’re a fan of game developer CAVE and their sensational shoot ’em ups, then you will be pleased to know that we will be the first and only location in Utah with the recent remaster of CAVE’s most praised shmup ever. This “directors cut” version includes remastered visuals and sound, TATE support, super low input lag, and new game modes, including the new EXA Mode which actively adapts the difficulty to how you are playing. This will be setup with a vertical screen on our new EXA ARC-1 cabinet.

Asteroids Recharged & Avian Knights Location Test

We are going to be a test location for the upcoming Asteroids: Recharged and Avian Knights games by Alan-1 Inc. Alan-1 is a Utah-based game maker who is building their games right here in Utah – not China.

Avian Knights is a modern take on Williams’ classic Joust. You control a flying knight on a quest to defeat others in an arena. This features new weapons that you can pick up and wield, along with in-game music to elevate it from the classic Joust experience.

Asteroids: Recharged is the official return of Atari and Asteroids to the arcade scene. 1-2 players are thrown into a danger zone where asteroids and UFOs threaten you from every angle. This new version features updated visual, 2-player simultaneous play, new power-ups and more. Both games also feature online leaderboards where you can make a free account, track your best scores, and make new friends.

Happy Easter everyone!