Grab Those Donuts In Donut Dodo Do!

Do you enjoy classic games like Popeye, Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.? What if I told you there was a game that combines elements of all three games into one new original piece?

Then you might enjoy Donut Dodo Do!

Donut Dodo Do! by Pixel Games and exA-Arcadia

Originally created for PC & consoles, Donut Dodo captures the look and feel of an arcade game produced in 1983. The objective is to control Chef Billy to collect all of the donuts on the level, while avoiding enemies like rats, fireballs, and…toilets. Once you collect all of the small donuts, you can grab the giant donut – being protected by the Dodo Bird – to move on to the next level.

Donut Dodo Do! is a new arcade version that keeps the gameplay intact, while adding some exclusive features! These include a unique stage, in-game side art created by Makoto Yabe, and the addition of a two-player co-op mode where you can play as Billy’s wife Bella and grab those donuts together.

This fun and retro-style game is ONLY found in Utah at Arcade Galactic – in fact, we’re the first location in the entire USA to grab it! Find it on our exA-Arcadia cabinet right next to the Neo Geo MVS, where it’s playable in glorious 4K resolution.