New Year, New Games!

Happy 2022! We are thankful for your support during both 2020 & 2021, and want to keep the gaming goodness going through 2022. To do that, we’ve got some new games to offer for you at both of our locations.

West Valley City (Valley Fair Shopping Center)

  • Maximum Tune 5DX+ by Bandai Namco Amusements
  • SpaceWarp 66 by Touch Magix

Ogden (Newgate Mall)

  • exA-Arcadia 4-player model with Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper = Running
  • Hot Wheels Pinball

On Maximum Tune 5DX+, this is a major content update that adds 24 new licensed vehicles, including Acura and Lamborghini, 4 new challenging tracks, more dress-up parts, new music, faster loading times, expanded Japan Challenge and a new stamps system. It’s the ultimate version of this game in the United States and well worth discovering.

SpaceWarp 66 is a simple but unique game where you pilot a UFO through rings of light, aiming for the gaps. As of this writing, it hasn’t arrived yet, but it should soon.

If you are unfamiliar with the exA-Arcadia system, then click here for more details. We now have two of them – a 2-player model at West Valley City, and a 4-player model in Ogden. The 4-player model is a dedicated unit with a nicer look and currently features a 4-player game, Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper=Running. It’s a lot of fun, especially with some friends! We also took our TMNT and Pac-Man Battle Royale machines from WVC and placed it up there, expanding the available number of multiplayer games in Ogden.

In West Valley we also have had the arcade exclusive Minecraft Dungeons Arcade since the summer. This is NOT the same game you find at home, with each level specially redesigned and crafted for the arcade experience. Up to four players can enjoy this game and it also vends collectible Minecraft cards with each play! While there is another local place that has this game, playing it at our place is cheaper 🙂

We are also working to get any broken games repaired. We’ve had a few down in WVC, various games seeming to break all at the same time. Unfortunately, the supply chain issues that have plagued every part of the economy has meant longer wait times on parts or some parts being out of stock for much longer periods of time. We are working to get everything up and running as quickly as possible though – thanks for your patience.