Now At Arcade Galactic: Enter The Gungeon – House of the Gundead

Another new arrival at our place that no one else in the state happens to have, the brand new arcade version of Enter The Gungeon can now be enjoyed as a part of our light-gun game selection!

This game is a unique version of Enter The Gungeon that is exclusive to arcades. Instead of being a dual-stick shooter, this is instead a light-gun game based upon the ETG universe. Players “enter the gungeon” and must immediately defend themselves by using their light-gun controller. As you play, you will collect new guns (up to 40 weapons) which have different force feedback effects. The gungeons are also different every time you play, meaning that this game never gets old to explore!

It also features interactive, destructible environments and a graphical style that screams mid-90s gaming – with some modern touches. Shoot at the targets which appear when you are being attacked to dodge, uncover secrets, fight bosses and aim to get the top high score!

The game is 4 tokens to start, 2 to continue and can be enjoyed by 1-2 players. Find us inside of the Valley Fair Mall near JCPenny (north end of the mall) to experience this awesome arcade title!